Sustainable Selfie Challenge — Grades 7-12

Wait! Before you take that selfie, make it sustainable! Enter OnAir’s Sustainable Selfie Challenge to earn the Sustainable Selfie Badge and show the world how you help our air. Did you ride your bike to school? Selfie. Ate a local snack? Selfie. Skipped your shower to save water? … well, maybe keep that one to yourself.

To earn the Sustainable Selfie Badge:

  1. Upload your selfie to Instagram using the hashtag #onairsustainable
  2. Add a screengrab of the upload to your OnAir account

**UPDATE: For the month of October, we are running the Sustainable Selfie Challenge: Halloween Edition! Are you going to a local farm to pick your pumpkin? Walking or riding a bike to go trick-or-treating? Using natural and eco-friendly make-up for your costume? Making your own costume out of recycled materials, or buying your costume second-hand rather than new? Giving out ethical treats? Take a selfie and show us (following the instructions above) for a chance to win a $25 iTunes gift card!