T-Shirt Design — Grades 9-12

Promote clean air with a t-shirt that everyone will want to wear. Craft a catchy slogan or draw a design that will get people talking!

Who can participate? All students enrolled in high school (9-12) in for the 2016-2017 school year can participate. Students from private, parochial, and home schools—as well as student supported organizations—are also eligible.

What, When and Where? Who are our Clean Air Heroes? What does a hero look like? What would you do or say do get people to follow? On this theme, create a positive t-shirt design that can help get out the word about reducing the air pollution that comes from vehicle tailpipes. Have you got a catchy slogan in mind? A powerful image with lots of color? Does a hero lead through humor…or by keeping a straight face? Design your own positive message for the masses. Be creative!

Once your design is ready, click on the button below to submit it.