If you’ve signed up for the OnAir Cartoon Challenge, but you’re a little stuck for ideas, we want to offer some inspiration here. Don’t forget that submissions are due Feb. 29, 2016!

This video from ExpertVillage has great, easy-to-follow instructions to help you get started with drawing. The artist recommends experimenting with different expressions to explore your character – a perfect technique for creating your Clean Air Hero!

Maybe you aren’t stuck with your drawing skills, but your story. After all, a cartoon isn’t just a drawing! According to award-winning children’s author Aaron Shepard, these are the key components of a good story.

Here’s how these story elements could relate to your cartoon:

Theme: What is your cartoon about? You might want to think about these clean air actions: riding the bus, walking, biking, public transit, carpooling, not idling, eating local food, recycling or upcycling.

Plot: What happens in your story? What’s the conflict? How does your Clean Air Hero save the day? What makes your story exciting?

Structure: How does your story begin and end? Jump right into the action!

Characters: Who is your Clean Air Hero? What do we like or dislike about him or her? Who does she or he inspire?

Setting: Where does your story take place? School, home, your dance class, the soccer field, the community center, grandma’s house, inside or outside or both or neither? Be creative!

Style / Tone: What kind of person (or animal, or alien, etc) is your Clean Air Hero? Nice, mean, funny, smart? Make sure your hero’s language matches who they are!

Finally, for inspiration on the full comic-making process (including how to make yours look nearly professional!), check out Michael Corley’s awesome tips here. Michael says all children are artists, and we wholeheartedly agree.

Once you finish your cartoon, log into your OnAir account and upload it here. We can’t wait to meet your Clean Air Heroes!