No Idling

stemWhat is idling? Have you ever been outside and smelled exhaust coming from cars or buses in the pick-up line at school? A vehicle that is stopped with its engine turned on for 30 seconds or more is idling. An idling vehicle emits 20 times more pollution than one traveling at 30 miles per hour. Idling not only pollutes the air, it wastes gas and money.

Why is air quality important? We all need air to survive. It is a shared resource, recycled repeatedly since the beginning of time. Everyone wants and deserves to breathe clean air. That is why the U.S. Clean Air Act of 1970 has established national air quality goals for the protection of human health and welfare. Despite these efforts and significant progress, the United States still faces challenges with air quality.

How can I help? Be a change agent! You can start a No Idling Program at your school. Ready? Go!

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  • Measure It

    Use our online tools to conduct a survey to measure the levels of pollution cars and buses are creating at your school.

  • Change It

    Create a plan and set campaign goals (e.g. social media, posters, public service announcements and public speaking) to make a meaningful change in pollution levels around your school.

  • Prove It

    Did your plan to Change It work? Conduct another survey to re-measure the pollution levels of cars and buses and see if your hard work paid off.

  • Review It

    Revisit your plan and campaign goals. How do you think you affected change at your school? Celebrate your successes and look for more ways to continue your great work in the community.

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