Here are a few STEM-aligned activities we’ve come across to help celebrate this special time of year:

  1. 5 Halloween STEM Challenges from Plans for a Better Tomorrow
    For 1st through 7th grades. Challenges include a “bone bridge” made from Q-tips and a low-energy machine to toss treats!
  2. 25 Fall STEM Activities for Kids from Play Ideas 
    These ideas come from a variety of sources and cater primarily to lower school age groups.
  3. Why do Leaves Change Colour? from How Wee Learn
    A simple but impactful experiment for lower school students illuminating the connection between chlorophyll and leaf colors.
  4. The Science of Zombies (for high schoolers!) from Teachers Pay Teachers 
    While there is a small fee ($6.99) for this lesson plan, it has a perfect ranking from 120 reviews. Science topics include the Transmission of Contagion; Rabies, Hydrophobial; Prion Diseases like Kuru and CJD, Encephalitis; Neurological Brain Damage affecting Speech, Aggression and Fear; Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP); Hyperthyroidism; and Parasitic Tapeworms.
  5. 3 Family Friendly Thanksgiving Science Experiments from From ABCs to ACTs
    Teach students how to change a cranberry’s color, extract calcium from a turkey bone, or regrow food from scraps. Feel free to share this one with parents to do at home!

Have you tried any seasonal STEM activities in your classroom? Share them with us!