Recycled Gifts and Decor for Hanukkah and Christmas

December 7th, 2015 by onair_admin

Happy Holidays!

Hanukkah is already underway and Christmas is coming up soon! We’re getting in the gift-giving spirit, and found some awesome bloggers making gifts and gift wrap with all kinds of recycled materials. These are great ideas for both personal and classroom projects. Let us know which ones you try and how they turn out!

Upcycled Ornaments and Decor
Puzzle piece ornaments
Tin can luminaries
Light-bulb snow globe
Bottlecap snowman ornament
Sparkly mosaic CD ornament
Recycled book wreath
Milk crate Christmas tree (one of our favorites!)
Paper-covered ornaments
Glittery cardboard Menorah

Upcycled Clothing
Sweater stocking
Sweater gift bag
Hats from recycled sweaters
T-shirt shopping totes
Recycled t-shirt garland (with bonus pictures of cats!)

Just for Fun
Matchbook camera with picture prompts
Altoid tin lip balm
Origami sticky notes
Colored pencil necklace
Reversible Instagram coasters
Personalized dinnerware with Sharpies
Paperwhite bulbs in a jar
Recycled glass jar terrarium
17 DIY picture frames

Recycled Gift Wrap
Pillow gift box made from cereal-box cardboard
Recycled gift box sturdy enough for shipping
Easy upcycled gift wrapping with magazine paper or junk mail

And finally, for the science enthusiasts … you can even upcycle a snowflake.

Have you recycled materials for gifting or decorating in your classroom or home? Please share your tips and projects with us below.